My photographic work is focused documenting human stories in the context of late stage capitalism. Photography allows me to start a conversation about issues that interest me and that affect me and the people around me. I see photography as a medium that serves the great purpose of making us see what we cannot see with the naked eye. That way photography becomes an object with the power of reflection, that gives us the gift of an afterthought after the moments have passed.
Mi trabajo fotográfico se centra en documentar historias humanas en el contexto del capitalismo tardío. La fotografía me permite iniciar una conversación sobre temas que me interesan y que me afectan a mí y a la gente que me rodea. Veo la fotografía como un medio que sirve para el gran propósito de hacernos ver lo que no podemos ver a simple vista. Así, la fotografía se convierte en un objeto con poder de reflejarnos, y que nos regala una reflexión posterior a los momentos.
Nueva Fotografía Documental
Barcelona, España

Communication’s degree
Universidad del Cauca
In house photographer
Zurück Zum Ursprung
Commercial photography
Filmmaker and documentary photography
ALTPEZ project
DNP-CREPIC and Universidad del Cauca
Documentary series and photography
exhibition “Rainbow”
Documentary photographer and consultant
The Coffeelands Trust: Polus Center
Film shorts about landmine victims
Filmmaker and documentary photography
Heros of coffee farm culture
Documentary series and photography exhibition
Director and camera operator
Global Lives Project – Lives in Transit
24 hour documentary film

Viena / Austria

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